RANT: The Las Vegas Shooting and Identity Politics

Excuse me if this post is triggering in any way – you are free to leave at any given moment. In fact, just as free as I am to express my opinion, so you won’t find me apologizing for speaking my truth. Let me begin by saying that I am in no way dismissive of racism and discrimination. Yes, these two concepts still exist, and some people can definitely be labelled as racist. Just like some people can be labelled sexist, homophobic, prejudiced, perverted, completely psychopathic and so on. It is no secret that our beautiful planet is also home to both bad ideas and bad people, but to constantly focus on them is absolutely destructive for society as a whole.

As many of you may be aware, a horrible massacre took place on the first of this month at the Las Vegas Village. A 64-year-old male opened fire at the Mandalay Bay hotel during an outdoor concert, managing to shoot 58 people from his hotel apartment and injure over 500. ISIS immediately “took credit” for this shooting, but it was later discovered that the shooter is highly unlikely to be associated with the extremist organization for the following reasons:

  • He was not practicing any religion
  • No association was found between the shooter and Islamic beliefs
  • He committed suicide immediately after the massacre, which goes against Islamic beliefs

Due to this, the attacker – who was initially labelled as a terrorist – is now being referred to as a “lone wolf”, with his motives still in question. Although many people have expressed their condolences, and concentrated on what actually matters, several others have taken it upon themselves to discuss the attacker’s race.

So, to the people who are whining about privilege, let’s examine your priorities. Is this a chance to talk about gun violence? Nah, we’re good. What about the NRA? It’s fine. Maybe better mental health monitoring? Well, America is working on that. How about better security checks? Yeah, maybe, whatever. So, what is left…discussing white privilege? YES OF COURSE THAT IS IMPORTANT, THE ATTACKER WAS WHITE! If he wasn’t white, there would be outrage. If he wasn’t white, he would never be labelled as a “lone wolf”. If he wasn’t white, a whole race would be attacked right now (which is totally not what is being done right now, it’s not like white people are being constantly targeted for their privilege).

To all the people who are using this tragedy to push your propaganda on the subject of white privilege, social justice and racial discrimination – your motives are disgusting. No, I am not denying that white people were slave owners a hundred years ago, or had more privilege in the past. Just like Egyptians would carry out the most appalling sacrifices in the past. Just like the Ottomans (i.e. Turks) would slaughter any nation that stood in their way in the past. Just like Germans, led by the Nazi party, supported the killing of six million Jews in the past. Just like people in Africa sold each other into slavery in the past. But, for some reason, white people (especially white Americans) are being constantly targeted for their privilege, which is determined by the colour of their skin.

Racism is based on targeting people for their RACE. The statement “reverse racism is not a thing” lacks any kind of logic, since the ability to be racist or not isn’t determined by the race of the RACIST. So next time you try to utilize a tragedy and turn it into a socio-cultural debate where you slam white people for their privilege, think twice.